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3 Top Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat requires you to be in a negative energy balance. This is can be achieved by reducing calorie intake through proper nutrition or expending more calories through exercises or a combination of both.

Lose Belly Fat

This article will focus on exercises to lose belly fat. For maximum stomach fat loss, you should always combine exercise with a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are the 3 top exercises to lose belly fat.

1. Weight Training
Weight training is great for burning stomach fat and shaping your body. It builds muscle that burns calories during and after a workout. Muscle needs energy for repair and maintenance.

As you age, your metabolism slows down and make it harder for you to lose stomach fat. Weight training can prevent muscle loss while increasing your metabolic rate. It is an important exercise to lose belly fat for people of all ages.

Weight training is not only limited to working out with barbells and dumbbells. You can also use kettlebells or exercise tubings.

Be sure to use to increase the weight progressively for better stomach fat loss results and to avoid plateau. Training with light weights has little effect on building muscle and raising your metabolism.

2. Cardio Exercises
There are 2 types of cardio exercises to lose belly: steady state and intervals.

Steady state cardio should be performed at a high enough level to be effective for burning belly fat. While you can do steady state cardio everyday, 4-5 times per week is more than sufficient.

Interval training involves alternating short bursts of high intensity workout with rest periods. This is a time efficient cardio that is very effective for getting rid of stomach fat. It can only be performed 2-3 times a week. Interval training is not for everyone. If you have health problems or are new to exercise, you should start with low intensity or steady state cardio.

3. Bodyweight exercises
Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere, be it at home, in a hotel room or at a park. You don't even need to join a gym. As the name implies, you only use your bodyweight so you don't need to spend on any equipment.

Some examples of bodyweight exercises are lunges, squats, push-ups, pull-ups and mountain climbers. They are excellent for burning belly fat, building muscle and shaping your body. If you are short of time, perform these exercises as a circuit which can be completed in 20-30 minutes.

Each of the 3 exercises to lose belly fat can be added as a variety to your existing training program. The combination of these exercises and proper eating plan can help you get rid of belly fat fast.

Avoid spending too much time doing ab specific exercises like crunches and sit-ups. Spot reduction does not work and you'll only be disappointed with the results.

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Bodyweight Exercises - The 3 Reasons to Use Them Today

Perhaps the question I get asked the most about bodyweight exercises is... "Can I REALLY reach my goals without equipment?" Well, I can't promise to know what everyone's "goals" are, but I believe you can improve fitness, burn fat and build an athletically muscular physique with only bodyweight exercises. So, if those are some of your goals... read further.


I think you'll find that bodyweight workouts offer many benefits other forms of training don't. And quite frankly, many of your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals won't be reached if your don't incorporated some type of bodyweight training.

Bodyweight Exercises Improve Fitness

Many people, even people in the fitness industry, are confused about fitness. It is not the way you look, or how big your muscles are. Fitness is about performance. (And if you really want to get into it, fitness is really about survival.)

And one of the areas many exercisers need the most work is moving their own bodyweight. Strength, power, endurance, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, speed, accuracy and mental toughness can all be improved with bodyweight exercises. So bodyweight training is an important and necessary tool fitness improvement.

Bodyweight Exercises Burn Fat

Hey, we could all stand to shed a few pounds (myself included). And the truth is, you don't need an fancy equipment to do so. As a matter of fact, I would choose a bodyweight workout over running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike every time. There is no better way to challenge you whole body than doing a circuit of bodyweight exercises with little rest. (Try it for yourself instead of boring cardio and watch the pounds fall away!)

Bodyweight Exercises Build An Attractive Physique

I keep hearing, "Weight lifting is better for building muscle." Well, that's true. But I want more from my exercise program than just building muscle. I want to improve performance. I want to burn fat. And most importantly, I want to build a strong, capable body that looks great. Bodyweight exercises deliver on all counts!

I think you'll find that when you use bodyweight exercises as a main part of your fitness program you'll feel empowered. You don't NEED a gym membership or expensive equipment to build a high-performance, lean, muscular body. And when you realize you can get a performance improving, fat burning, muscle building workout anywhere, anytime, you'll be much more temped to take ACTION. Because, after all, action is what really gets you the results you want.

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Does "The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat" Really Exist?

Read the title of this article again. "The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat." Let me be frank now. It does not exist. In the body building and weight training world, there are hundreds of exercises that we can use to work our abdominal muscles. All can be effective exercises that can help us lose stomach fat fast if we consider some key points in our training.

Lose Belly Fat

When we ask questions like, "How to lose stomach fat fast?", "How do get a flat tummy?", and "How to get ripped abs?" we must understand that losing weight and belly fat will only come about in a holistic way. Just doing hundreds of crunches everyday and not paying attention to other aspects of abdominal training like diet and general endurance work will not lead to a flat and lean tummy. Here are some things you need to consider and include when thinking of the best exercise to lose belly fat.

1. Increasing General Fat Burning Capacity
Fat is present in every part of our body, but we tend to only associate body fat to abdomen fat. Studies have shown that in order for fat to be burned in our body, aerobic exercises must be done beyond twenty minutes. Before that, the body depends more on carbohydrates as fuel to supply the aerobic activities. Beyond twenty minutes, fat metabolism kicks in big time because it is by far the most efficient energy mechanism to support long term aerobic exercise. It does not matter what kind of aerobic activities you perform.

The best exercise to lose belly fat is actually any form of aerobic activity in excess of twenty minutes. The activity itself need not be too intensive. Low intensity activities like brisk walking or tour cycling for extended period of time are very effective forms of fat metabolism activities. So the next time hear someone ask, "How to get a flat tummy? get them on some form of prolonged low intensity aerobic activities first.

2. Diet Watch
No matter how good and comprehensive your exercise program is to lose fat, it will never be effective if you do not watch your diet. How do you expect to lose weight if you indulge in high calorie sinful meals immediately after your perfect workout? It is just not possible. Losing stomach fat and fat is a very simple thing for the body. As long as calorie intake is lower than calorie output, the body will eventually tap on the fat reserve in the body to make up the difference.

The end result is a leaner body. The best exercises to lose belly fat must be complemented with a diet that will lead to a calorie deficit. This will result in fat lost, and you can bet that a lot of your belly fat will be used to fuel your energy needs.

3. Abdominal Training Focus
All abdominal exercises are best exercises to lose belly fat. The reason is that these exercises build up the abdominal muscle groups. These have an indirect effect on "how to lose belly fat fast?" and "How t get ripped abs?" When muscle mass of the abdominal muscles increase, this will result in a higher metabolism rate. Chances are, the muscles will tap on close by body fat to fuel this increase rate. Where is the nearest fat source for the abdominals? That's right! Your belly fat.

So one of the key to "how to lose belly fat fast?" is to develop all abdominal muscle groups as best as possible. However, most weight watchers often concentrate only on the rectus abdominals, forgetting the larger obliques. Do pay attention to the obliques as well. If you can shape your obliques up, this will provide a greater mass of muscle for increase metabolic rate and also shape the V-shape trunk that many people desire.

There is no best exercise to lose belly fat. All abdominal exercises are important and beneficial to losing belly fat fast. These must be combined in a holistic way with a proper diet, inclusion of prolonged aerobic activities as well as a general development of all abdominal muscle groups to induce the greatest weight loss of belly fat.

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Best Workouts for Fat Loss - No Gym, No Instructor, Simple

When your daily calorie intake exceeds that of calories burnt, the excess ones get accumulated in your body and are stored in the form of fat. It is such excess body fat that eventually leads to weight gain. Increasing your physical activity through following an exercise routine is the only surest way of getting rid of this excess fat. Simply put, doing the best workouts for fat loss every day is the ultimate way of maximizing physical fitness. These exercises always raise the body's metabolic rate, and as a result speed up calorie burning process. Some of the workouts which can help reduce your body fat and keep your overall health in good shape are as explained below.

Workouts for Fat Loss


It is often considered as one of the best workouts for fat loss. If included in daily workout routine, running can be quite beneficial in helping burn your calories faster. Running will have a more profound effect on your body's fat burning process because it increases the metabolic rate tremendously. For instance, running for about 45 minutes helps your get rid of approximately 800 calories. As a matter of fact, if you do this exercise on a daily basis for about one year, your body will lose some 90 pounds or 40 Kg of fat. So, instead of opting for fat burning pills, why don't you just resort to a 45 minute session of this natural fat burning routine? Just give it a try, and in no time you will realize why it is billed as the best exercise to burn body fat.

Weight Training

Weight lifting is yet another physical activity that you can adopt to help you burn those excess calories faster, plus it is such a great muscle-building activity. Most weight loss experts recommend weight training as an excellent fat loss strategy. A good example of an effective weight training routine is squats with dumbbells. Bear in mind that the more you practice weight training, the more you eliminate body fat fast. You can always start by lifting light dumbbells weighing three pounds, and then as time goes by and as you gain muscle strength, you can increase the weight gradually to achieve burning of more calories.


Well, if you are looking for the best exercise to help you lose thigh fat and reduce fat in your lower body as well then cycling is your best bet. Cycling will come in very handy in toning up your lower body and getting you an awesome pair of slim legs. In fact, incorporating cycling in your daily exercise routine can equally be instrumental in reducing your belly fat. Whether you prefer riding a stationary bike or you opt for a ride outdoors doesn't really matter. If you cycle daily for about 30 minutes, you will be able to burn a lot of fat from your thighs.


Another great way to lose body fat is to swim on a regular basis. The most effective swimming stroke for burning more calories fast is breast stroke. Including this exercise in your weight loss program can thus be very vital in helping you build muscles.

These are some of the best workouts for fat loss. If you are to have a healthy weight, it is very important that you follow these exercise routines and ensure that you eat a balanced diet.

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Bodyweight Exercises to Help Gain Extraordinary Strength

January is fast approaching and with that will come the onslaught the latest fitness DVDs and weight loss/strength equipment gimmicks. Did you know that in order to change your physique and gain INCREDIBLE muscle endurance all you need is your body weight and some gravity. Many people approach bodyweight training with the same approach of weightlifting. There is a HUGE difference in the two.


First of all you can scrap the traditional body part split workouts. These will not prove effective and will leave you feeling disappointed and without much if any results. Also forget about sets and reps. This approach will work fine if your using an external resistance modality, but we are using our BODIES people. Instead build yourself a circuit 3-4x a week of movement patterns and perform them for a set time period.

50 seconds of work with 10 second transitions work great for metabolic training and 30 seconds of work with 30 second breaks are great for more strength based exercises. Focus on the following movement patterns when constructing your daily workout.
  1. hip dominant (deadlifts, hip extensions, dumbbell and kettlebell swings)
  2. Pushing (pushups, tricep dips, handstand pushups)
  3. Pulling (speed rows, pullups, chin ups)
  4. knee dominant (lunges, squats)
  5. Core (plank variations)
  6. Cardio (jumping jacks, mt climbers, stationary running)
Construct a workout of 5 or 6 of the movements above and perform them in the before mentioned time formats for 20 mins. This will not only give you a great strength workout but will also give you a great cardio workout.

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The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strength

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new exercise trend that's spreading like wildfire. And unlike most of the hot fads, this one has been around for a long time and isn't going away anytime soon - not like that ab gizmo you bought one time and is now collecting dust. I'm talking, of course, about bodyweight exercises.


The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Strength
Before gyms became mainstream, how do you think people stayed in shape? Most of the old-school strongmen relied on a lot of bodyweight exercises for their impressive physiques. Also, if you've ever seen a gymnastic event on TV, you'll know how unbelievably ripped those people are. Guess what? Gymnasts train almost exclusively using only their own bodyweight as resistance!

Whether you are looking to amp up your exercise program, or just trying to save a few bucks by not having a gym membership, learning these exercises will help you build a strong and attractive body.

The Push Up
If you don't know this one, you probably never showed up to gym class. Nevertheless, the push up is an important upper body exercise that cannot be neglected.

The Pull Up
Another "phy ed classic," the pull up will work all the muscles in your upper body that push ups do not. This is another must!

The Plank
The plank is the only abs exercise you'll ever need. People are used to doing crunches and may not be too familiar with this one. It resembles the "up" position of the push up, but you lower down to your forearms and hold yourself completely straight as long as you can.

The Squat
"The king of exercises" needs no additional weight to be effective. In fact, you will save your back long-term by ditching the barbell. Just make sure you squat ALL the way down to get the most of this exercise. This is one exercise that will work every muscle group in your lower body.

Putting Together a Workout Routine
Now that you know the "big four" best bodyweight exercises for strength, it's time to throw them together in a workout routine. With just these exercises, you can work every muscle in your body to ensure an even development.
  1. Push ups: 3 sets of reps to fatigue.
  2. Pull ups: 3 sets of reps to fatigue.
  3. Planks: 3 sets of holds to fatigue.
  4. Squats: 3 sets of reps to fatigue.
Notice how I don't say "reps to FAILURE." It is important you stop before failure while your form is still perfect to avoid injury. If you do this routine 2-3 times per week, you will get closer to building the body of your dreams every day.

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Achieve Elite Fitness With Body Weight Training Workouts

Body weight training workouts can improve your fitness in ways you've never even thought about. For instance, if you're used to doing the normal weight training, cardio type schedule, then you're missing one really big component in your fitness...muscular endurance. Strength is great, and aerobic conditioning is great, but elite fitness comes from being able to use your muscles over and over doing difficult tasks, like push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. The ability to do this is called muscular endurance, and it's just this aspect of personal fitness that body weight training workouts focuses on.

Elite Fitness

In addition to being a superior way of working out, focusing on bodyweight training workouts can also save you time and money. Done right a body weight workout can be done in thirty minutes. Don't think that's enough time to achieve your goals? If you know what you're doing, you can get more done during those thirty minutes than most folks get done in an hour at the gym.

As far as saving you money, how much are you spending for your gym membership fees? What if you could get your fitness taken care of without even going to the gym? You can with body weight training workouts. The only question now is exactly what do you need to do?

Well, there are basically two components to working out, cardio and strength. Both of these are better addressed through bodyweight training workouts than they are through more traditional workouts.

What we generally focus on in body weight workouts is a combination of strength and cardio, basically putting the two together. Instead of getting your aerobic conditioning by running, you get it doing something like a combination of sit ups and pull ups. Body weight training workouts tend to develop a lot of muscular endurance.

You're not going to get a big body like Arnold! You're going to achieve a lean, muscular look. The thing about it, though, is that's what most people want. Real, functional muscle. This is exactly what body weight training workouts will do for you.

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Simple Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Summer's just around the corner! The beach and the waves are beckoning to you, and it's time to pull that bikini out from your closet. But then, you wonder if you have flat, firm abs to go with that swimsuit. You think those dream abs that you desire are rather impossible to achieve? Not quite!

Flat Stomach

Exercises for flat stomach are not that tough. We're here to provide you with the simplest yet effective routines to tone up your abdominals and give you firm abs, just in time for the summer fun!

Before you begin exercising your abdominals, make sure that you have the proper posture. An incorrect posture when performing routines will only strain your neck and other parts of the body instead of exercising your abs. To have the correct posture, make sure that your shoulders are horizontal to the ground and your head is centered between your shoulders. When you bring your chest up for that crunch, don't let your shoulders go up with it. Make sure they're relaxed and down. Keep your belly button sucked in towards your spine as your perform those exercises for flat stomach. Keep your knees aligned to your second and third toes-they shouldn't be locked but must have a slight bend. Lastly, your feet should be of shoulder-length width apart.

Five of the most effective abs exercises are the bicycle, the vertical leg crunch, the long-arm crunch, the reverse crunch, and the full vertical crunch. A very simple routine for flat stomach involves simply sucking your belly button towards your spine and holding it for a few seconds.

Exercising your abs isn't just about looking hot for the summer, however. It's also about maintaining good overall health for your body and mind. Less obesity means you're less prone to diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

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3 Rapid Weight Loss Ideas That Actually Work

Losing weight is not that difficult. The formula of success is to eat fewer calories and start exercising. Unfortunately a lot of people know what to do but they don't actually hold on to it. The result is that they are going to search for rapid weight loss ideas. These fat loss plans may work fast but the problem is that the loss of overweight is not permanent.

Rapid Weight Loss

When you're reading this and you have to admit that you are also looking for the next fast weight loss fad then please think again. What these quickie diets achieve is that your body loses water weight and sometimes even muscle mass. Getting rid of too much body fat asks for a more serious commitment. It often comes down to a change of lifestyle. However I must admit that some rapid weight loss ideas are worth trying.

In fact when you are just a few pounds away from your ideal weight and you have a special occasion coming up then a little determination is probably all it takes to achieve your goal. Every single weight loss plan, short term and long term, is based on drinking lots of water. On the one hand the water will clean your body and help flush away fat. But it also fills the stomach so that you will eat less. Therefore make sure to drink a glass of water before every meal. Also whenever you want to grab an unhealthy snack, first drink a glass of water.

Now pay attention because here comes a way to easily lose a pound every week. Replace your sugary drinks with that same glass of water. This is a very valuable rapid weight loss move. When you can hold on to this plan than over the long term you will be able to lose more than 15 pounds in 1 year. But you will not realize this without watching carefully what you eat. Keep your fat food and bad carbohydrates intake as low as possible and replace them with fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

Other Rapid Weight Loss Ideas That May Help

A fast weight loss plan however should always be temporary and must never be seen as the only source to get rid of excess pounds. However when you have reached a plateau even weight loss experts practice a rapid fat loss solution which consists of the consumption of negative calorie foods. The idea is very simple. Every food has calories but in order to earn the negative calorie label the body would have to consume more energy and thus more calories in digesting the food than in absorbing it. Amongst these quick weight loss foods are apples, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers to name only a few.

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Weight-Loss Before and After - How Much Will Your Life Change?

Everyone fantasizes that losing weight will transform his or her entire life. But is that really true? Will your life really be all that different? Here are some things to consider when dreaming about your weight loss before- and after-life.

Before and After

Why are you trying to lose weight? Are you hoping to improve your health? Do you or your family members have chronic health problems that you are trying to avoid? Then yes, dropping the pounds can dramatically change your life. You will have more energy, you will sleep better and many of your health problems may lessen or even disappear entirely. You will truly be a whole new you. People will not be able to stop comparing you before and after weight loss.

On the other hand, are you expecting other parts of your life to change? Do you expect Prince or Princess Charming to come into your life after you lose weight? While that may happen, he or she will be noticing you because of your new-found confidence rather than because of your weight loss. You will be paying more attention to how you look and you will feel better about yourself. That's what is making you attractive, not the number on the scale.

Likewise, are you expecting to get the big promotion after your weight loss? Again, while that may happen, it's because you may find you have more energy and are more productive once you've lost weight. If that's so, consider it a wonderful bonus to improved health. However, if you have been working hard at your job all along but gain a promotion because they happen to notice you more because you have lost weight, think twice before accepting it. Do you really want to continue in a job where they apparently notice appearance more than hard work?

While losing weight can be a great start toward transforming your life, just be aware that you may need to do other things in order to do so. If you have been hiding your insecurities behind added pounds, consider how you can become more self-confident. If overeating is your way to control stress or to blot out emotionally painful situations, think of other ways to deal with it. While you're losing weight, think of other ways to meet and attract the man or woman of your dreams and to work toward your dream job.

We all love weight loss before and after stories. We also all want to be the star of our own Cinderella story. While losing weight can and will change your life, make sure you are reading for the next act.

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