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2 Ways You Can Use to Train Your Abs Effectively

The thoughts of wanting to develop sculpted six packs abs is the dream of many men and women. Imagine for a moment how it feels to have a rock hard abs, especially while sun tanning at the beach. I can understand how difficult it can be to train your abs, I have been fat once but not anymore.


In this article, I am going to share 2 ways I use to train my abs effectively.

Diet regulating and adopting a regular exercise plan is the 2 ways I practice consistently.

Note: Please do not rely on any weight loss pills. I comment that because it does not work on me.

Simple regulating to your daily diet

Making simple dietary lifestyle change is the first step I did when I first started. To increase my metabolism rate which helps to burn off more calories, I consumed at least 6 smaller meals a day that consist of quality protein as well as food high in fiber. Eating quality protein helps to burn more calories as compared to carbs and fat. Furthermore, it is essential for building lean muscle in your body. I took quality protein from food liked eggs, milk, fish and low fat yogurt.

As for food high in fiber, I took fruits, green leafy vegetables and I try to avoid refined sugar and grains as those will cause my body to store more fat. You will find yourself feeling more fuller when you took high fiber food.

Regular routine exercise

My routine exercise for the week include both cardio exercise and a series of abs workout. Rebounding on the mini-trampoline is one of my favorite exercise I enjoyed and I do at least an hour, four times a week. Daily rebounding offers numerous health benefits and stimulation of metabolism is one of the main reason I go for.

I do a series of abs workout to tone up my abs at least four times a week after my rebounding which includes three sets of 30 to 50 repetitions of incline sit ups, crunches and long arm weighted crunches.

I consistently follow these 2 ways for 3-6 months before I see significant improvement to my abs.

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